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architecture design


Science of the design of structures or buildings or the discipline dealing with the principles of design and construction & ornamentation of fine buildings, architecture & eloquence are mixed arts whose end is sometimes beauty and sometimes use arch a masonry construction usually curved for spanning an opening the art or practice of designing and constructing buildings, the style of a building with regard to a specific period, place or culture, an architectural product or work building, edifice a structure that has a roof and walls and stands more or less permanently in one place.
Documenetation - Prepared architecture design documents during the documentation phase, construction drawings, blueprints & present layouts, etc.
Factors - Pillar, column, conge, congee, molding, corbel, truss, drip mould, drip, projection, entablature, foliage, foliation, pier, columniation, tensile, structural, sculpture, fenestration, cantilever, terrace, step, rail, air-cool, air-condition, ramp, rafter, gate, sanitate, hip, landscape etc.


interior design


Science of the increase the excellency of the environment in a house of buildings, re arrange or modifying of interior in a house of a buildings with carry of architecture method & provide best space or beauty in a house of a (residential-commercial) building, its base of interior designs thoughts, ideas & requirement, specific likes & dislikes.
Documenetation - Prepared interior design documents during the documentation phase, floor plan & layouts, etc.
Factors - Civil, fall ceiling, plumbing & sanitation, waterproofing, soundproofing, flooring, wooden, paint-polish, electrical, hvac, data voice networking, fire alarm & fighting, cctv & alarm system, gold or silver leafing, mop, furnishings, furniture, lighting, carpeting, kiosk, painting, handcraft, wallpaper or wallart, waterfall etc.


turnkey design


Design factors - Architects design documenets, interior designers design documenets, all over team worker or man power resources, products or materials purchasing, budget control, risk managment etc.
Execution factors - Ability of monitoring projects, once all the elements design, makes finalised & agreed, full project management is available under one-roof & overseeing of projects or manage every important stage of the initial concept to the opening ceremony when the project complete & also responsible for best quality materials, beauty & purpose, vision & result, art & technology, form & function.
Work factors
Civil: Masonry & Plastering (Brick, Aerosol), RCC Works, Scree ding, Flooring/Cladding (Granite/Marble/All kinds of tiles).
Fabrication: MS structures, Roofing, MS/Stainless steel/Aluminium, Grills & Railings, Rolling shutters.
Joinery: Partitions (Wood / Gypsum), Panelling, Doors, Custom made furniture, Storages & Cabinets.
False Ceiling: Modular grid ceiling, Gypsum board ceiling, POP decorative false ceiling, Metal ceiling, Wooden/Glazed ceiling.
Modular Furniture: Modular work stations, Modular Partitions, Knock down furniture, Modular storage units.
Seating System: All kind of chairs, Sofas & Other lounge seating systems, Café chairs.
Soft Furnishing: Curtains & Blinds, Soft panelling, Wall papers.
Flooring: False flooring, Carpets, Wooden flooring, Granite/Marble/Tiles, Vinyl flooring, Epoxy flooring.
Plumbing & Sanitary: Fresh water & sanitary line, sanitary fixtures & accessories.
Painting/Polishing: Painting/Wall art, Polishing/Melamine/Pu/Polyester, Deco finishing/Texture finishing.
Electrical: Electrical fittings & fixtures, Internal electrification (Lighting/Power outlets/DBs & Internal Panels/Earthling System/UPS Systems), External electrification (HT Sub-station/Main LT Panels/Earthling System /DG/EB / CEIG Clearances).
Glass: Toughened, Lacquer, Antilo, Designer.
Hvac: Comfort Air-conditioning (Split/Duct able/Chiller plant/VAM), Precision Air-conditioning, Office ventilation, Ambulatory, Toilet Block ventilation.
Data & Voice Networking: Structured cabling using Cat-6 and ECat-5 solutions, Design of Data Centres, Server Rooms & Telecommunication closets, Rack requirements, Telecommunication equipment’s, Wireless network, Hd cabling.
Fire Alarm & Fighting: FA Systems (conventional or analogue addressable), Fire extinguishers, Sprinkler and hydrant systems, FM-200 & Emerges based fire suppression systems.
Access Control: Access control (Biometric or Proximity), ID Cards.
Cctv & Alarm system: Internal & external cctv, Intrusion alarm system.
Waterfall: Indoor/Outdoor, Water features.
Landscaping: Hands aping, Plants aping.
Miscellaneous: Film/Vinyl stickers, Signage, Glass block walls, Insulations, Artefacts, Plants & Curios.

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Seek a balance between art and technology, form and function, beauty and purpose, vision and result, have helped shape the world around us,from high-rise buildings, to residential, commercial that enable our way of life & future.

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Vision & Result

Focus on achieving complete customer satisfaction with ethical and transparent business transactions, have gained a huge client base all across the nation because always ensure within a stipulated time frame at market leading price.

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Quality services is prime factor do not compromise on quality of the services because quality is the main cause for our success, project professional who take care of each activity & sure every important work stage without leaving the corners.

sucess mantras


Sucess Mantras

Customer satisfactions are our number one priorities, the best functional and beautiful solutions for your allocated budget, do not compromise on qualities to increase margins, promise to complete our projects on time.

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